Learn how to use the ToU Menu brand.
It is used to represent
ToU Menu products such as
websites and mobile applications.

Using the material makes it easy to recognize that it refers to the ToU Menu and it also helps protect company trademarks.
Plain Logo
Download ToU Menu Logo
Landscape Logo
Download ToU Menu Logo (landscape)
Portrait Logo
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How to use
Safety Range of Logo
The safety range is set to ensure the visibility and integrity of the Logo, and the safety margin must be determined in any case where the Logo is used.
Safe area of ToU Menu Logo
Logo Color Use
The Logo rendering of the end of the effect in the dark and light background.
Safe area of ToU Menu Logo
General rules on using ToU Menu brand materials are stated.
By using the ToU Menu trademarks and materials provided on this website. You agree to be in compliance with the trademark guidelines and terms of use and all other ToU Menu rules and policies in the ToU Menu brand guidelines.
It is permissible to use on your Web sites and applications which are integrated with ToU Menu.
Logo data cannot be used excepting ToU Menu's products and services.
You are unable to create trademarks, names, domain names, logos, or other content that mimics ToU Menu or confused with ToU Menu.
Transformation, processing, cutting, coupling, modification of logo data is prohibited.
Associated with TOU Menu content which is violated and illegal activities are prohibited.
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