Do you understand the menu when you traveling to japan?
What is ToU Menu
Menu translation
The menu in the restaurant is always a big problem for visitors in Japan. ToU Menu offers the correct translation for the menu. The travelers can look for their dishes easily and understand it clearly.
Menu with your language
Menu price in your country's currency
For tourists visiting Japan, you can select the cuisine that you want without having to convert the currency and order smoothly.
Menu with your currency
Create a food list
You can create and edit unlimited count of Food List. Share the Food List to the world, express your own food culture. You can create a private Food List just in case somehow you don't want to share with others.
Save dishes for foodlist
SNS type review
Beyond the traditional restaurant's reviews on other sites, user can share their impressions of foods immediately. Make eating more enjoyable.
See reviews from people
Use AI
We record which menu you ate and which menu you want to eat, and analytics how much you matching on each menu. We recommend the best menu for you. Also, the result of searching can give you a result which is correctly. (Comming soon...)